Life in general is complicated,

If it’s school, work, or your social life there will always be frustrations.

What will come out of these frustrations?

Arguments, depression, social anxiety, stress people live through these everyday if their life’s.

Everyone should take a deep breath and realize it won’t be forever you will get through it they say yeah but what if you don’t? What if is the question?

Write in a journal or a blog post, talk to people you know or outside of your circle, things will get better in time hopefully and life won’t be a battlefield that leads to hell.


“Do I even matter?”

Sometime’s I feel like the world is falling on me,

Like there’s nothing stopping it.

Days like today make me feel like I don’t belong or I don’t matter I’m tired of feeling like I’m the only one who does anything.

Life can throw you a curve ball, but unfortunately mine is just a repeated circle over and over and over again. I don’t know if I will ever get anywhere.

“Early morning”

I’m a lyft driver I help people get around,

When I was done I decided to go workout and feel good about myself,

After working out and getting a free massage I decided to start tanning again to feel good about myself,

Oh I also have to drink more water ugh that’s a pain,

When doing all of these things it made me feel refresh, happy, like a new person,

My ideal idea is I like to try and do this all the time if I can keep it and make a change,

Nothing will stop me,

No one will tell me other wise,

I’m never going to give up,

Sitting in my car listening to pop, country music to clear my mind thinking what the day will bring me,

My idea is go to bed rest,

Wake up and start my day off right,

Go back to the gym,

Do my normal core workouts,

Go to Starbucks drink my coffee,

Go swimming lay in the sun and just be happy,

My kids, fiancé, friends and family keep me going,

I need to stop thinking negative all the time and realize the great things I have in life because it could be a lot worse,

Happy thought, positive vibes and a loving heart💕


I am lost for words,

I don’t know what to do or say,

Living in two different places and not knowing how it will go,

I always have a hard time choosing what I want ,

I try to make everyone happy instead of myself,

Things are going to change here on out,

No more hiding,

No more fighting,

No more feeling sorry for myself,

No more not having what I deserve,

Who cares,

I’m still here I always will be no matter how hard you try to get ride of me,

I just want to be happy,

Live my life,

How hard is that nothing.


I’m really tired of getting yelled at,
Not accomplishing anything,
Having a good job and making enough money to get by,
Being called a sir obviously I don’t look like a man,
Being told to do something when your not my boss,
Seeing everyone get s house, engaged, married and a great job even when it’s not you,
I just wish for once in my life this will happen to me.

“Social anxiety”

I battle with anxiety,
I fight with social anxiety to talk and connect with people,
I try to talk and socialize with strangers at special events or even just out at a bar,
But in the end it still affects you,
It cause you to feel like your nothing,
People stare at you,
Talk bad about you,
Just in general you get that fear of what your first appearance will be when you meet someone,
When you are so shy it affects everything.

“Walk alone”

My shadows is the only one that walks beside me,
Sometimes I wish someone would find me and save me from this pain,
Thinking I'm still alive I still walk alone into darkness,
The darkness that no one can see,
The demons take you over make you feel this way,
When you need to find a way to connect with angles to help you heal and be with god who will build your strength up.


When you think you know someone you thought you knew and it turns out you didn't,
Personality is big key,
You go on a few dates,
Fall in love,
And it goes on from there,
After leaving for a month or two to drift apart you don't know what will happen next?
You come back home and suddenly things turn around,
You become a thing,
Throughout the relationship you find out things you didn't realize you knew about that certain someone,
It affects you in ways you can't explain,
You shut down and run away from the issue,
Then you realize what you have done,
You take a few days to recover then go back to that person and apologize for what you have done,
When you get back to normal and things are great again but suddenly they are not,
You get into these argue-mental fights that affect and hurt you so much and verbal abuse that hurts you in the inside you don't know what else to do what get out of that environment,
That person then tells you,
You are in the wrong,
You are stupid,
You can't even write a paper,
Or even take care of yourself and your kids,
In my eyes that's abuse,
Abuse affects you forever it hurts you inside and you don't know how to control it,
Depression is nothing to mess with,
I wish I could fight it.